Dr Spllier Facial

Dr Spiller

It's no secret we love everything skin!  

Our aim is to inspire skin confidence through our high performance treatments.  We take careful consideration for your concerns and believe that no two skins are the same.


Dr Spiller skincare works largely with natural or nature-identical ingredients in exclusive formulations that perfectly mimic the natural mechanisms of the skin. Dr. Spiller’s idea of working with the skin rather than breaking it down is recognized by Spiller-trained skin professionals and their clients as a unique and highly effective solution to fresh, beautiful skin.

Healthy skin must have a minimum moisture content of 10%. Below that level the skin is dehydrated. It is unable to do its job of protecting the body against the environment. Symptoms of dehydrated skin are tightness, itchiness, rough skin and diffused redness. This Is where Dr Spiller comes into play. It's unique formulations help protect our acid mantle. If you suffer from acne, dry, dehydated or sensitive skin we can help your concerns with this extraordinary skincare.


Enzyme Peeling Facial



This Dr Spiller facial was designed to treat sensitive skin types to avoid mechanical friction.  All skin types can enjoy this beautiful facial. The enzymatic mask/exfoliation removes dead skin cells, impurities and excess oils. The Plant Phytoenzymes are activated by water and have a dissolving effect on the horny surface of the skin. The complexion appears smoother, younger and brighter. Includes a face massage, and shoulder, neck and scalp massage with a customised masque.

Hydro Glow



This highly effective facial is ideal for time restricted clients. It's the perfect stepping stone to a full service facial , or a suitable 'in-between' treatment. Leaves your skin refreshed and nourished. Included is a jojoba peel scrub, shoulder neck and scalp massage, masque.

Peptide Eye Treatment

30 mins



This energising eye treatment plumps and rehydrates tired eyes. Great for dark circles, fine lines and puffy eyes. Using sonophoresis we will inject powerful, peptides and antioxidants into the eye area, leaving your eyes feeling smooth and totally refreshed. While the masque is further rejuvenating the area we will perform a scalp massage. This is a great add-on to incorporate with the above treatments. 

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Facial Booster Add-On
Ultrasound Vitamin Infusion  $40
LED Light Therapy  $40
Microdermabrasion  $30
AHA Peel or Glycolic Peel  $30
Alginate Deluxe Masque  $25
High Frequency  $20
Extractions  $15 
Hair & Scalp Treatment  $15
Purchase an Environ Focus Cit or Environ Roll Cit and bring it to all your treatments as a complimentary add-on for more intense results.